Saturday, 4 January 2014

Regents Park from Autumn

This goes against all of my OCD style sequencing. I am about to chuck at you, all of my prettiest photos from the past 6 months or so. During this time, I didn't have a blog. I was lazy and busy and confused and indecisive. So, yeah. If these looks super sunny and pretty...if the trees have leaves and the photo looks warm...then chances are it was warm it they taken around August/September. I've put them into clusters grouping the ones taken around the time same.

It feels SO nice to finally post them up on here, rather than leaving them to gather PC dust (or however pixels age) in my jimble jumble jungle of not-so organized folders.

Prepare yourself for the first of about 15 timeless posts, pictures and blissful sun settings.

I have a thing for sun. And clouds. And colors (including black and white)

My only wish would be if I had taken them all on my proper camera! You gotta admit though...the Nokia Lumia (Carl Zeiss lens) didn't do bad at all! ;) #SmartphonePhotography

Regents Park was so pretty in late September:

 This was at the Bloombury Farmers market. Every thursday they bring the smell of fresh, sizzling beef patties under large tents. They casually tease a few hundred undergrads on their way to an 11am lecture as they house some of the best looking cheesecakes and baked goodies in London.
These 3 anomalies were taken in Bloomsbury. I had a break during lectures. I stood in the road taking pictures of trees. I saw a friend. She asked what I was doing during the lecture break? "Taking pictures...the trees look great today". I said. "Coffee?" she asked. "Catch you later, the suns still out" and she saved our friendship for another day. (Thank you and sorry)

I don't know why this is called the 'outer circle' of Regents Park. Its actually a hexagon. I under estimate how far it is to the next bend every. single. time. Apparently the circumference of the whole thing is 3.6 miles? That's a rather large hexagon.

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