Saturday, 4 January 2014


Its shots like these where I realize what a treat cloudless mornings can be. Whilst in the winter, you can easily score a view like these past 8am. Summer asks you to wake up before 5am in order to bag a real look at the sky for the day...October 2013 was a month of beautiful mornings. To me, dawn = crack of sun in a pink and purple sky with the world still sleepy. In winter, dawn is officially delayed (by definition) until this is witnessed.

P.S: Guess which one is the cheeky sunset? 

Funny. This was taken on the morning of the giant 'hurricane' sweeping over London. Some people got hit real bad. The sky here speaks for itself though. R.I.P flowerpot.

No day will eve paint the same picture.
Clue ^

I love increasing the brightness of silhouetted photos. It makes the image looks like a classy instagram that manages to capture the frosty, foggy haziness of a beautifully fresh pastel morning.
The sky pulled a moody right about here though. I guess he was fed up of being tamed to the camera, despite the hurricane warnings. Teadrops of  rain clouds?
Crack a smile sky, you know you want to.

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