Saturday, 4 January 2014

Oat runs in the brilliant London sunshine

These were taken late October to Early November 2013. I am a sucker for the sun between trees and any deep pink leaves catching the light. It's amazing how there's always so many colors around if you look well enough. The pinky tree tops and blue sky were shot on a run back from the local Sainsbury's because we were completely out of oat clusters. Even the emergency backup box was gone.

Oat addiction?



Wink wink

I say local Sainsburys... but its about 2.5 miles each way. I only went to the supermarket so far because I wanted the honey granola with the yellow bag. C'mon, we all have preferences and cravings, no? It was quite a  breeze though. The sky was clear and I had my running leggings on (inside out). The walk's fairly enjoyable. About 3/4 through you hit this park with a huge hill where you can see for another 10 miles. The sun was blaring down in this unreal way. Everything was bright, pretty and promising. I skipped home with my bagful of granola, mindful of the sun circles dancing in between my eyelashes, enjoying the warming dose of Vitamin D.

Pictures can't do justice. They are just so unfair. They look like 2D shots of nature, rather than that gigantic aura of happiness which you try to capture around the space you're floating about in. A couple of these are from a morning walk, but they're happy here so i'll leave them.

Productive afternoon. I came out the other end with a substantial granola refuel and pictures of the sun through the trees. Eat, sleep, repeat (I wish)

Crunch crunch
Yum yum,
Granoly poly...
almond fun!


  1. Hi Tash! Happy New Year!
    These pictures are gorgeous...I also have a slight obsession of taking pictures of the sun peeking through the trees.
    I just can't get over how colorful the trees are in these pics.So pretty!!

    1. Hey Antonia! Thank you! :) He he I know exactly the feeling!! So many times when i'm running late I stop at a really inappropriate moment to take a snap. It's an urge almost as hard to resist as chocolate! Thanks for stopping by!! <3