Hey! I’m Tash. Welcome to my blog Tealightsky, - a miniature haven where I share my thoughts, recipes, foodie reviews and other bits and bobs about London, (my home), - as well as a productive little outlet for all of my most favorite things; AKA: food, reflection + photography.

Here is a little bit about me:

Much of my time is (productively) spent walking up huge hills with good views in the early hours of the morning, as well as going perfectly out of my way to ensure that the sun shines directly into my eyes. I am a compulsive (newly converted) Insta-grammer, an all-too keen star-sign analyst (Leo, tehe) and the most firm proponent of chocolate’s for good health that you will ever meet.  

A random fact? Birds absolutely terrify me. This phenomenon remains unexplained, and has become progressively more challenging over here in London - where there exists the worlds most intrepid/intoxicated/perilously die-hard pigeons.

But hey, if I’m not hunting down London’s most decadent desserts and delights, or spreading peanut butter onto anything upon which it may physically be spread, then you will most probably find me scouting for the next possible opportunity to make a photograph out of anything and everything…

I currently study Geography at the beautifully central UCL, plus juggle a part-time job in the weird, but *wonderful* world of waitressing. I’m pretty obsessed with the possibility of being able to write for a living one day. But in the meantime, I am absolutely besotted with my choice of degree (who doesn’t love a bit of colouring?) and the promised international year abroad scheduled for (Perth!) 2015.

On top of all of this, I have always really admired the blogging community. It is a fantastically border-less, and real place where amazingly wide insight, expertise + experience from unique individuals all around the world magically becomes valued inside this vast + meaningful context. Better yet, the blogging community is made even greater by the fact that is 100% accessible for absolutely anybody to contribute their own ideas and zest for life - be it in whatever shape or form you wish. So, here (Tealightsky) is my own attempt at doing s - in honor of all of the absolutely charming & colorful blogs which have inspired me so, so much over the past couple of years…(Thank you!)

However….right now (like now now), the mere thought of being able to dedicate 4 months of summer holiday towards the quest for London’s best fish and chips, cheesecakes and brunch spots sounds deceptively too good to be true following the past few months of intense exam prep - but it is totally going ahead! That is, alongside a truckload of new recipes, blog posts and a hand full of exciting new worldwide travel additions for summer  this coming 2014 – all made possible my amazing circle of gorgeous friends! And, as you can see…I just simply cannot wait to share it all with you!!

Thanks for reading, I hope you come back and visit soon! 

Tash xo

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