Sunday, 5 January 2014

My heart flutters for the Sunrise

Good morning!

Are you team granola with flaked almonds? Or without flaked almonds? I've been experimenting recently. Pretty much all brands sell them with the almonds. The ones which don't relish the fact that they can say theirs has 50% lower fat...kind of a no brainer. (Yes yes, I know. I'm bad and I buy granola which can be made for a tiny ass fraction of the cost at home) Sometimes the flakes almond type takes so freaking LONG to chew that my stomach actually gets past the 20 minute mark where it's supposed to tell me that it's full and I feel bloated. Like...I want a big bowl of granola. But the almonds kill the thrill of having a big mountain of oat clusters and milk.
ANYWAY I finally bought (cringe) Quaker granola. Just pure, fresh crunchy bliss. Though, I think the freshness is due to the fact that it's a spanking brand new box. It's 2014. And guess I should probably master how to seal things up more tightly so that crunchy cereal isn't a rare luxury.

No overly full feeling. It must be the combo of all the dense nutrients together that my I can't cope with in the morning. I added a banana too! Yum.

Does anyone else add fruit to their morning bowl....but eat it all separately anyway? I feel like I should invest my chopping time more wisely elsewhere and just eat the fruity stuff alone...

*Insert bowl of Quaker granola*

As you can tell by the absent breakfast, I haven't quite mastered the photography of food yet.

However, there is one type of photography which I have kinda (smugly) mastered. He He. Say hey to January 5th at 8:00-8:20am.

 I remember reading a foreword of a book once. The author who's name I can't remember...was about 30 odd. She said something I have never forgotten: "No sunrise is beautiful enough to wake me up in the morning".

My heart bleeds.

 Sometimes, I wouldn't trade early mornings for anything. 
 I love how this looks like a spider web. The sun being the spider, the trees being the web. Can you see it?

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